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EMC Credit Union offers many types of low interest loans to meet the various needs of our members. You can finance new or used autos, boats or RV's, pay for vacations or home improvements, or payoff that higher interest credit card. When you apply for a loan, you'll be assured friendly, helpful service and we'll act fast on your loan application. We'll work with you to make repayment as comfortable and convenient as possible. Payroll deduction is available as a "no hassle" way to repay your loan. The credit union also offers low cost credit disability and credit life insurance programs to our eligible borrowers. This affordable coverage makes borrowing safer for our members and provides additional financial security and peace of mind.


EMC Credit Union offers MasterCard to all qualified members. MasterCard is recognized worldwide to pay for almost anything. According to the State Treasurer's report on credit cards, credit unions traditionally have lower interest rates and lower (or no) annual fees than other financial institutions. EMC Credit Union is no exception. We offer a fixed APR and interest is charged only if you do not pay the balance within the 25 day grace period. Cash advances and twenty-four hour customer service lines are available. Give us a call for more information and an application.


Your initial account at EMC Credit Union is called a Basic Share account. The minimum balance requirement is $25.00. Dividends, based on earnings from our operations, are paid on the shares (savings) you hold in the credit union. Dividend rates are set periodically by the board of directors. Credit unions traditionally offer higher rates on savings than other financial institutions. To join the credit union, all you have to do is complete a membership application, and submit a copy of your government issued identification (driver's license) along with $25.00.

In addition to the Basic Share account, EMC Credit Union offers Kids Club for children 12 and younger, Emergency savings and Holiday Club accounts. All of EMC Credit Union's savings programs offer competitive rates and the safety of being federally insured.

Share Draft (Checking) Accounts

With a Share Draft account from EMC Credit Union you have access to your money almost anywhere, anytime. Each draft you write creates a carbonless duplicate - great for record keeping. You also receive a detailed statement of account activity each month. MasterCard Debit Cards are available for convenient access to your funds. Members can customize transaction alerts for their debit cards by clicking here.

Best of all, there are NO monthly service charges or per check fees and NO minimum balance requirements to keep the account open. The member pays only for the printing cost of the share drafts, and this will vary depending on the style chosen. We can even set up overdraft protection to transfer money from your savings in the event of an overdraft.

List of Services

  • Family membership
  • Basic Share, Emergency Savings, Holiday Club
  • Kids Club for children 12 and younger
  • Share Draft (checking) accounts
  • Payroll deduction and direct deposit
  • MasterCard Debit Cards
  • Low interest loans
  • Low cost credit life & credit disability insurance
  • MasterCard credit cards
  • Money orders
  • Notary services
  • Consumer information